Historic Motorsport

Historic Motorsport

A passion for vintage race cars

Your Car in Good Hands

As a long-standing development partner in modern motorsports, CP autosport successfully brings the know-how and technologies from this segment into the demanding field of historic motorsports. Without falsifying the valuable and unique appearance of historic vehicles, we use high-performance materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques for the replication of historic components. This way, vehicles are created which preserve their distinctive charm, yet surely bear comparison with modern vehicles in terms of performance. Our experience is reflected in our clients’ successes in historic rallies.

Build to Print

The lack of spare parts for historic vehicles is a major problem. At CP autosport, the reproduction of components for these extraordinary cars is based on historic drawings or provided samples. By optimizing component properties, we improve the overall performance of touring, sports and racing cars, while at the same time maintaining the history of the vehicles. We employ CAD/CAM systems for the reproduction of chassis, motor and suspension parts of all common types of metal. To ensure uncompromising quality and durability, every part is inspected by means of the latest measurement machines and crack detection facilities (incl. ultrasonic and x-ray).

Track performance

To improve the performance and handling of classic vehicles, we modify the setup of the chassis according to our customers’ special requirements and on the basis of historic specifications. A formerly rigid chassis is turned into a fully adjustable and absolutely maintenance-free module. The history and geometry of the vehicle remain untouched. Component behavior and interaction are evaluated during development stages, thus cutting down on costs and time. The employment of ultra-modern materials and manufacturing techniques leads to an impressive improvement of the driving characteristics.

Safety first

Aside from performance, safety is the most essential aspect in both modern and historic motorsports. To reveal weak spots in the vehicle structure, our engineers use CAE (computer-aided engineering) for virtual crash simulations. This way, individual solutions are created which are invisibly integrated into the historic appearance of classic vehicles, but provide maximum safety. As an approved evaluator and safety cage testing center for the FIA, CP autosport is in a position to carry out pressure tests on all types of safety cages. In manufacturing safety cages of high-strength steel, and assembling safety components like seats and belts, the optimum safety of the driver is our main focus of attention.