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CP autosport has all of the resources needed for successful and innovative development. Our highly skilled engineers are characterized by a can-do attitude and have the experience to apply advanced tools like CAD, CAE, CFD and vehicle dynamics simulation (VDS). The accurate information gathered with these tools has a level of detail that is hard to provide through experiments, and is taken into account by us through all development and processing stages.

Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics has now become a proven technique in the aerodynamic design of motorsport vehicles. Computers and CFD methods to simulate wind tunnel and track conditions have matured and are now playing an expanding role in the design and optimization of track and road-going vehicles.

Finite Element

At CP autosport, structural components are verified by means of FEM (finite infinite method). With these analyses, valuable information is gained about the impact of geometry changes in terms of stiffness and strength. This gives our design engineers the position to improve the performance of a wide range of race car components.


Our engineers utilize advanced tools like CAD and CAE not only for crash simulations on vehicles used in the demanding environment of motorsports, but also on vehicles with official approval and homologation for road service.


We offer full vehicle kinematics and compliance testing as well as vehicle dynamics and evaluation testing. Aside from a wide variety of leading design tools, CP autosport employs the multi-body simulation tool ADAMS. Beyond the layout of kinematics and the evaluation of ride comfort, our development engineers concentrate on dynamic full-vehicle simulation and lap time simulation. The knowledge gained this way is transferred to our test department for lean test programs and detailed evaluations of the runs. Of course, we also have the equipment and experience to support our clients in testing their prototypes on the race tracks.