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The power of innovation: The newly developed lightweight driveshaft of CP autosport GmbH stands as a perfect example of the company's high degree of innovation power as well as the broad ability of its development and production team performance.

Light & Tough

A conventional driveshaft consists of a massive shaft and joints to compensate for angles and lengths which may occur, depending on the load and driving situation. The lightweight driveshaft developed by CP autosport is by its innovative design lighter in weight and transfers higher torque.

high tenacity

CP autosport is able to achieve high tenacity by using a tube made from very high-strength steel CPDURTM2000, which by means of a special heat treatment shows a comparably high degree of tenacity. The otherwise customary plug connection on hollow shafts becomes obsolete and is replaced by a welded connection between the tube shaft and the tripod joints. This is a substantial contribution to the achieved weight reduction of about 20 kg per vehicle.

Driveshafts by CP autosport

A New Generation of Performance

  • 24% less weight than benchmark products (driveshaft + tripod)
  • Ultra torsional stiffness
  • High durability
  • Modular concept - best in cost-effective
  • Less friction / less stress to peripherals
  • Minimal package
  • Max. torque: > 6.200Nm
  • Replacement of deep-hole drilling
  • Finalist in Steel-Innovation-Prize 2012
Driveshaft CAD