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Wherever prototype production and customer-specific low- to medium-scale manufacturing is required, CP autosport has the capacities and production experience to meet the highest demands. We have the latest sophisticated manufacturing techniques at our disposal, and our personnel has the specialist skills, dedication and passion to put them to use successfully. We support small and medium volumes like prototypes, race cars, small series and low-volume production cars, as well as special vehicles. Our typical production quantities range from 1 to 1000 per year. To warrant a consistent quality of our products and control the costs of development, production and testing, our approach is to accomplish as many steps as possible in-house. We have an ongoing program of reinvestment in technical innovation to ensure that our CNC machinery and extensive fabrication facilities measure up to this aim.

Manufacturing CP autosport
Component Manufacturing

Component Production

At CP autosport, component and module fabrication benefit from highly trained, experienced and passionate staff, utilizing the most advanced computerized machining tools and equipment.

Car Body

Like in any other production area at CP autosport, the build techniques employed in chassis production demand the highest levels of specialist skills and proficiencies. CP autosport employs a workforce with remarkable experience and dedication to motorsports.
Turning Machine
Car Assembly


The assembly divisions at CP autosport are fully integrated with our design and development departments. This fact, in harmony with utilizing highly innovative equipment and employing dedicated and skilled personnel, allows us to provide our customers an unmatched level of precision, time and cost efficiency.


Capacity List

Milling, Turning, Grinding, EDM – We support our customers with small and medium volumes such as prototypes, race cars, low-volume production cars and special vehicles. Our typical production quantities range from 1 to 1000 per year. A full capacity list is available on request.