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Aside from performance, safety is the most essential aspect in motorsports. To reveal weak spots in the vehicle structure, our engineers use CAE (computer-aided engineering) for virtual crash simulations. In manufacturing and assembling safety cages of high-strength steel, the optimum safety of the driver is our main focus of attention. As an approved evaluator and safety cage testing center for the FIA, CP autosport is in a position to carry out pressure tests on all types of safety cages.

Welding Safety Cage

Best on the Market

Safety cages made of the material CPDURTM 1000 [1.7734 / 15CDV6]. This high-strength steel used for the cage structure is considered to be high-performance material and is preferably used in aviation and in professional race cars. Its special characteristics offer far more security at the same weight than other materials (35% more than 25CrMo4 / 85% more than ST52 / 160% more than ST37).

Weight-Safety Balance

You get a lighter cage with the same security standards – a perfect weight-safety relationship! Thanks to the weight savings, the racing performance is also increased enormously.

Lightweight Cage
CAD Safety Cage

Optimum Processing Quality

  • The best possible safety and high precision: Construction according to CAD models by using mobile measuring systems and certified welding process
  • High-quality materials and DMSB / FIA accredited fasteners
  • Convincing pass accuracy: Accuracy of the hard points on the total length for prototype bodies: 0.5 - 2 mm
  • Perfectly balanced design and ideal haptics

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