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We offer a variety of technical- and commercial jobs but also jobs in the field of logistics and service.

You are manually skilled?
You are an organizational talent?
You like working in a team?

We have prepared several job opportunities for pupils and graduates to discover the apprenticeships and study programs in our job field. Students and graduates can get to know the professional practice through internships or within their study or thesis.

No matter where your strengths are - we look forward to meeting you!

  • Industrial mechanic (M/F/D)
    • Industrial mechanics produce equipment and components for machines and production plants, they set them up or modify them. They monitor and optimize manufacturing processes and assume responsibility for repair- and maintenance tasks.
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  • Cutting mechanic (M/F/D)
    • Cutting mechanics manufacture precision components usually made of metal by machining processes such as turning, milling, drilling or grinding. They usually work with CNC machine tools. They set those up and monitor the production process.
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  • Industrial clerk (M/F/D)
    • Industrial clerks deal with commercial- and business related tasks such as materials management, sales and marketing, human resources as well as finance and accounting.
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  • Pupil internship
    • On request, we offer internships for pupils in the commercial and industrial area.

      Please send us your application with the desired period of time.

  • Girls’Day / Boys’Day
    • The Girls´ and Boys´ Day offers girls and boys the opportunity to get an insight into typical male or female occupations. If you are interested in the automotive industry, you can apply for Girls´ and Boys´ Day with us in our company.
  • Cooperation with schools


  • Internship
    • We offer internships for students so that they can combine their theoretical knowledge with practical content. Do you study mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, economics etc. and would you like to have practical insights into a medium-sized manufacturing company?

    • Then apply now at least six months before the scheduled start of the internship quoting the desired time period and the department.

  • Study paper or thesis
    • You're in the study and are looking for a topic for your study paper or thesis?

      We would like to accompany you while writing your graduation- or study thesis and provide you with interesting topics from different areas or you bring in your own topic proposal.

      We look forward to your unsolicited application in which you write down the dates, department and your topic.


Tell us about your interests and what your heart beats for - and why you would like to start a career with CP Tech.

Send your application preferably by email to:
or send it by post to:
CP Tech
Human Resources
Dornierstraße 7
D-33142 Büren


The following documents should contain your application:

Covering letter
CV (preferably with photo)
Last certificates

Note that the file attachment in an e-mail application may not exceed 5 MB.

Contact: Yvonne Ortmann, Human Resources
+49 2955 4849-506
Yvonne Ortmann Human Resources


Emanuel, 17 years
1st year of apprenticeship  — 
Cutting mechanic

CP autosport caught my attention through some training advertisements and job fairs. But also by many positive reviews on the Internet I was convinced to start my training at CP autosport.

I like both the working atmosphere and the environment here very much. Colleagues are always friendly and helpful and that's why I like training here very much.

Through a friend who did his pupil internship at CP autosport, I have become aware of the company. From day one, the working atmosphere was very casual and the colleagues have immediately taken me up warmly. You can ask any staff if you have a question or need help.

It shows especially when you get to know all departments for a few weeks at the beginning of training. I like a lot that one works in all departments, since I, as a soon-to-be product designer, can gather practical experience, which I would otherwise only go through theoretically at school.

Florian, 16 years
1st year of apprenticeship  — 
Technical product designer

Mike, 23 years
1st year of apprenticeship — 
Specialist for warehouse and logistics

When I applied for the CP autosport GmbH, I did not know what to expect. The size of the company and the number of employees were impressive for me. In my training as a specialist for warehouse and logistics, I work alternately in picking, incoming goods and outgoing goods.

This varied work and the good communication between colleagues, whether on the factory floor, the office or in my department inspires me again every day.

Simone, 18 years
1st year of apprenticeship — 
Industrial clerk

By "training Atlas 2014" I have become aware of the company CP autosport. On the website, I then researched in more detail and decided to apply here because I am very interested to work in the field of motorsport.

It is very exciting to go through all the different departments of the company at the beginning of the apprenticeship, because of that, one gets to know the company, its employees and the many processes at the plant faster. Through the good working atmosphere, it's fun to work here.

I got in contact with CP autosport through my interest in motorsport. Since I was interested in what this company produces and offers, I did some research on the internet and found out that "CP" is a big and versatile company. After a tour of the company, I then decided to go for an internship and I knew immediately that this will be "my company".

After I had a second internship, my career choice was clear: "I want to become an industrial mechanic!" Now I'm a proud employee of 'CP autosport". Here I am very satisfied. The environment, the machines and the working atmosphere are great. As a trainee, I feel very well cared for at this company, and have the feeling of belonging to the team.

Nico, 16 years
1st year of apprenticeship — 
Industrial mechanic


Henrik, 21 years
2nd year of apprenticeship — 
Industrial clerk

Through an acquaintance, my attention was drawn to CP autosport. The intuitive website and the special interest in motorsport have also confirmed my positive impression and gave me the desire to complete my education there. CP autosport offers me the opportunity to work independently. In case of questions, my colleagues always have an open ear and help me if they can. Through the interesting and challenging field of activity, the work is even more fun.

The diverse and varied training ensures a good basis for future careers. CP autosport also gives me the opportunity to participate in the training "Ausbildung plus +” (training + business administrator + instructor certificate) and now supports me in the realization. So I can put the additional acquired expertise into practice.

On the Büren Education Fair I became aware of CP autosport GmbH. After further research on the website I have made the decision to apply for an apprenticeship there.

Since the start of training I was able to get a lot of insight into the activities of an industrial clerk. The many varied and demanding tasks give me a lot of joy. Through the young and dedicated team I am very motivated. So it is fun to work here!

Anna-Sophie, 19 years
2nd year of apprenticeship 
Industrial clerk

Matthias, 23 years
2nd year — Cooperative Education Engineering
with integrated training as a technical product designer

After a year of annual internship for my vocational diploma in which I was able to gather a lot of useful experience, I have decided to do my cooperative education studies in mechanical engineering and with CP autosport I found a very good partner for my training as a technical product designer. The many different and challenging tasks can be mastered with the help of experienced and helpful staff.

I was always interested in cars and so my desire to become an automotive mechatronic was fixed early. The professional web presence ensured that I quickly came to CP autosport.

After starting my apprenticeship, my expectations were even exceeded. Every day at CP is different and you never know what a unique project to expect. Through the great working atmosphere and the incredible opportunities I got a great apprenticeship.

Thomas,  19 years
2nd year of apprenticeship — 
Automotive mechatronic

Mario, 20 years

2nd year of apprenticeship 
Automotive mechatronic

I've always been very interested in cars, but especially in motorsport. Then I decided to train as an automotive mechatronic. The only question was where. Because of the professional appearance of CP autosport GmbH on the Internet and also the representation live at the racetrack, my decision was made very quickly.

In particular, I appreciate the young team. No problem is too big for this team, which results in a wonderful working atmosphere. No day is similar to the last. The application areas, also for apprentices are so varied and extensive that one can not imagine a better training place.

Sascha, 26 years
3rd year of apprenticeship — 
Automotive mechatronic


Through my great interest in motorsport and automotive technology I came to CP autosport.

After some research on the internet, I just had to apply! Motorsport and automotive technology are united with one another perfectly here! At CP autosport, I work in a young, well-coordinated team and take care of repairs as well as vehicle structure.

Kim,  24 years
2nd year of apprenticeship — 
Automotive mechatronic

In my studies I have longed for practical challenges and experience in the automotive field. When I heard of the good reputation of CP autosport, it was clear to me that I wanted to do my apprenticeship there.

Starting the apprenticeship, I could get to know new techniques daily and perform tasks with great learning success and share successful experiences. With the detailed knowledge of the young dynamic team of CP autosport, even the most difficult jobs could be mastered.

I particularly like the varied work with exceptional vehicles and the great learning experience.


When I first heard of the CP autosport, I did not know anything about it. But the more I learned about CP, the more I was drawn to this company. The work in the motorsport scene grabbed me.


As a specialist for warehouse and logistics I take care of the production of parts and the customers with their finished parts. I just enjoy the varied work with high-quality car parts. Additionally there is this the ingenious work environment.

Kevin-Angelo, 20 years
3rd year of apprenticeship —
Specialist for warehouse and logistics.


Willi, 24 years
2nd year of apprenticeship 
Cutting mechanic

I started at CP autosport because I was convinced how helpful and nice every employee is.

The second reason is that you can learn a lot at CP autosport, not only for my education but also for life. That's why I go to work in a good mood every day.

Tom, 25 years
3rd year of apprenticeship — 
Cutting mechanic

I like the project-based work which I sometimes also accompany at the race track. I produce high-quality components according to drawings and adjust them directly to the vehicle.

The apprenticeship at CP autosport is interesting and varied because I get insights into all existing operating divisions and into the relationships of the work processes.


I decided to train as a cutting mechanic because to me, the handling of metal and the varied work on CNC machine tools is fun.

CP autosport enables me to start my cooperative studies (BA Industrial Engineering) after my apprenticeship. The product range at CP autosport challenges me and offers me the opportunity to be creatively involved in processes.

Tobias, 23 years
Ex-trainee — Cutting mechanic
Specialized in milling

Now: Cooperative studies industrial engineering

Chris, 24 years
Ex-trainee — industrial clerk

Now: Employee purchasing department

With the decision to start my apprenticeship at CP autosport, I have done the right thing 3 years ago. During my two and a half years of training I was employed in many different departments and I was always supported by my instructors with questions on technical-, educational-, training- and any other topics.

A well-structured content of training and a very pleasant cooperation among colleagues have helped to develop my professional and social skills immensely. Even after passing my final exams I still stay at my training company. In the purchasing department, I have been involved in several major projects since then and have already assumed a large measure of responsibility for my areas of responsibility.