A higher level of strength

CPDUR1000 [1.7734/15CDV6] is chromium-molybdenum-vanadium structural steel. The material has good bending performance and excellent weldability, combined with toughness, consistency and resistance to fatigue derived from the high level of micro-cleanliness.


The properties of CPDUR1000 [1.7734/15CDV6] material offer high yield strength combined with excellent weldability. Welding can be done without subsequent heat treatment and with a negligible loss of properties. Due to its excellent mechanical properties, CPDUR1000 [1.7734/15CDV6] meets the requirements of international quality and safety standards.
The material is therefore ideally suitable for the production of components intended for application ranges with maximum demands, such as aviation and formula 1, for instance.

CPDUR1000 [1.7734/15CDV6] is available in the grain size 5 or finer (according to EN 103-71).

Its Special Properties Ensure First-rate Quality

  • High yield strength and excellent welding properties
  • Weldable in both conditions (.4/.5) without heat treatment
  • Very strong around the welded joint without additional hardening (Rm > 980 N/mm2)
  • Tubes demagnetised up to a residual field intensity of max. 12 A/cm.
  • Material standard: CPDUR1000 [1.7734] according to LN 9369 and DIN 29657 / CPDUR1000 [15CDV6] according to AIR 9160/C


Material number Tensile strength Yield strength
RM (min.)
N/mm2 (MPa)
RM (min.)
N/mm2 (MPa)
CPDUR1000 1.7734.4/15CDV6 700 550
CPDUR1000 1.7734.5/15CDV6 980-1180 790
For comparison: SAE 4130
1.7214 (SAE4130) 650-850 480-520